Targeted Traffic Services

Not all website traffic is the same. If the traffic you bring to your site (because it doesn’t happen by accident) is truly aligned with your products and services then you can expect much higher conversions and sales. Through continual optimization you can take conversion rates from less than 1% to above 20%. We have recently achieved conversion rates above 60% multiple times.

Retargeted/Remarketing Banner Advertising

This is the most focused and effective banner advertising available today. This service tunes 40,000 attributes (not just a handful of demographics) to learn what converts the best, then the ads are served intelligently to maximize conversions, decrease conversion costs and provide your company with a massive online presence.

How does it work?

The real-time banner bidding platform has the largest reach in the world. With over 30 billion impressions daily we track all conversions on your site, and 40K bits of information about them. We see what they do online that results in the best conversions, then cut out banners to those activities that don’t convert the absolute best thus decreasing your advertising costs (cost per conversion). By following the 80/20 rule, we shift 80% of your funds into 20% of the most effective banner placements.

We can target your future customers by each of the following:

  • By Timezone
  • By Specific websites – competitors, manufacturers
  • Categories – you can select criteria like…
    • Must be a homeowner
    • Must be from a specific geographical area – down to the zip code
    • Must have an annual household income more than $75,000
    • Must have visited a specific list of sites – or not visited a separate list of sites
    • Education
    • Employment
    • Family Composition
    • Gender
    • Housing Attributes
    • Language
  • Keyword-based targeting – this allows you to leverage results from, for example, your previous Pay Per Click (PPC) results. You can take the keywords that have converted the best in your PPC campaigns and use them in your targeted banner advertising.
  • Third-Party Data – our partner networks provide a ton of more information that we can tap into to see who converts the best.

Our massive and broad but extremely focused retargeting banner campaigns will place your company in front of only the most relevant prospects. When coupled with our conversion optimization services you have a full complement of capabilities that will sustain your business, reduce risks and allow your company to grow as needed.

Pay-Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC is a great lead generation tool because it allows your business to be sustainable as well as scalable. Even more importantly, we use it as a source of traffic for testing and optimization. We use it to increase click-through-rates (CTR) for our ads and conversion rates (CR) for our landing pages. We increase these numbers by factors of 20 to 60. This increases the returns of every dollar you spend from that point on by the same factor.

Keyword-Based Traffic

Using the keywords that have converted the best in the optimization of our advertising campaigns (most conversions and highest conversion rates) you’ll receive guaranteed monthly traffic based on those keywords.