Local Search Marketing Tactics

Article by Matthew Loop Local search marketing is important if you want to expand your client or customer base within a limited and specific geographic area. It could be a town, parts of a large city or a few adjacent towns. Basically, we’re talking about a small business. It may be a local contractor, dentist, […]

Local Search Engine Optimization is Essential for Holiday Sales

‘Tis The Season For Local Business Search The number of shoppers using local search to find products, or services grew to 15.7 billion last year. This year, overall search volume is increasing dramatically. Comscore reports that in the month of August (2009), Americans conducted more than 13.9 billion searches on the five major search engines. […]

Importance of local Search Engine Optimization

Article by Black Well SEO has fetched incredible new methods to market online. The internet has become a very universal centre for individuals to explore merchandise and services on which almost each and every website owner is giving due consideration to the significance of search engine rankings.The first action to initiate the procedure is to […]

Local Search Can Make Your Business More “Googable”

One of the challenges facing small, local business websites is being found amongst the myriad of competitors both locally and nationally when visitors search for them using the search engines. Local search may be the answer to the small businesses problem. If you haven’t noticed, “Google Local” lists three companies BEFORE the number one organic […]

Why Should I Go to the Local Search Marketing

Article by Welistu123 Internet proves to be a good avenue to reach customers, many companies around the world. But no matter how you businesshas become international, it is still important that you list your business in various search engine marketing list. Local search is very valuable, because the majority of customers to make local search […]

Why It Is Important To Get Into Local Search Engine Optimization

Article by Adeline Rekli Search engine optimization is one of the more complicated forms of driving traffic to your site, but it is also very rewarding once you do it right because your target market comes to your site rather than your site coming to them. Internet marketers have also proved how effective search engine […]

What Is Local Search Optimization?

Article by Rahul Rungta Online businesses in modern times are largely dependent on search engine optimization or SEO services. These are nothing but marketing strategies that help websites to appear higher up in the search results of search engines. When this technique is applied to a small local business, it is known as local search […]

The Advantages of Local Search Marketing

Article by Frances Klein Local Search Marketing provides you, the business owner, with the most targeted and cost effective customer acquisition opportunity. Your customers are more and more often searching for businesses like yours on the Internet. Studies show that these customers have a serious buying intent. As a local business you need to figure […]

Local Search Marketing Services Firms Need To Make Google Places Top Priority

Local Search Marketing Services Firms Need To Make Google Places their Top Priority in 2011. With the recent Google changes; to rank at the top of Google Places needs to be number one in every business minds. Many first page sites have now dropped to the second page of the organic listings due to these […]

Local Search Marketing – Great Opportunity to Dominate Local Markets

Local search marketing focuses on elevating the visibility of a local business’ presence in the search engines so that can be found earlier and more often in the search results – and clicked more frequently – by people who search online for local businesses to buy from. And according to a study by the Kelsey […]