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QR code, a technology that over the last couple years has seen an exponential increase in usage, is changing the game for many companies, leading to increased connectivity and response rate from customers.

QR code (an abbreviation for quick- reference code) allows companies to place image code on a variety of marketing tools such as websites, print ads, and even business cards! Growing hand in hand with the Smartphone industry QR codes can be scanned using any Smartphone with a QR code scanner and can link to things like webpages, surveys, and Facebook fan pages.

qr code

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Industry professionals have been thrilled with the results they have seen from QR codes and are realizing the benefits. Here are some reasons why industry leaders are flocking toward using QR code:

  1. Its Cheap – Contact Local City Marketing today if you are interested in creating your own QR code FOR FREE
  2. Its Measurable – The number of people that scan the code can be measured so you know that you are getting results
  3. Its Versatile – QR code can be used to accomplish a wide variety of things! For example, you could be conducting customer surveys, have people like you on your social media accounts, or just drive potential leads to a landing page! The possibilities are endless!


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