Local SEO Marketing Services

Positive Reviews ResultsDo you have a business that has customers within a few or several miles of your business office? Are you a medical practice, realty, or other local small business and need to secure customers within a local geographical area?

If this is the case then Local City Marketing is the ideal way to reach your audience using website marketing and local search. Auto dealerships have long known that the majority of their customers come from a 6 mile radius of their dealership. If this is the same for your business then you are at the right place.

By combining a few of the services we provide below you can have a commanding local listing for your website, and a growing asset that will increase your company’s leads and sales more and more as time goes by and the effect of these services grows your online presence substantially.

Positive Reviews

See the screenshot above of one of our local SEO marketing clients and note the following:

  • They have the highest local organic ranking – in the “A” position in Google
  • They have the most reviews, most of them positive (not by accident), and all of them real
  • They have the highest Google Local Score of all of their local competitors

All of this adds up to higher conversions – more leads and sales.

By managing positive reviews to engage with your clients we get your company to the top just like this. When searchers see your websites listing in the most prominent position along with the best score and most reviews they are convinced to continue on into more information about you. They’ll read your reviews and call or proceed to your website. All of this contributes to them calling or engaging with you at much higher rates.

Citation Directory Submissions

Search engines use local citation directories to validate your local company’s existence. In order to ensure an even and consistent representation of your company name, address and phone number (NAP) across all important online local directories like Google+ Local, Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc., we’ll distribute your NAP data and make sure it appears where it should, thus helping your local presence.

Google+ Local Promotion

Your Google+ Local account is an excellent source of local traffic. Once we get it setup and ranked with positive reviews (see above) we can promote and strengthen those listings for multiple keywords and rotate the content based on your current offerings.

City Grid Media Advertising

city Grid Media is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform deriving your traffic from sites like Google+ Local, Yellow Pages, CitySearch and over 200 of the top authority local websites. Once we find what content converts the best we can roll it out to the City Grid Media network and draw clicks for lower costs per conversion.

Multiple Top 10 Listings

In order to assist in your local listings we provide a service that places your content in multiple positions of the first page for multiple keywords. For this service you don’t pay until the rankings actually appear.

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