Local Marketing – How It Works


To Local City Marketing, positioning your business in a prominent position with using local SEO marketing tactics is our primary deliverable. Local City Marketing enjoys a very low account attrition rate because we are able to help our customers continue to stay ahead of their competitors in local search. Here is how it works:

  • FREE Industry Specific Consulting  – At Local City Marketing, you have a team of people doing your website marketing. We have an Staff composed of strategic marketers, content developers, website developers, pay per click advertising, and code warriors to make your life simple and our collective results superior!
  • Customized Local Marketing Plan tailored to your specific business and locality – local marketing is becoming more of a precise science every day. Without a concerted strategy, how do you know the best channels to reach your prospective customers. As an example, we have a contractor that has 30-40% of their conversions coming through mobile landing pages. Without this knowledge you can’t excel in local search.  Local City Marketing helps you with a consistent and sustainable local marketing plan specifically for your business.
  • Test, Measure, Optimize – Using the discipline of direct marketing, Local City Marketing measures every effort we put in place for our customers. Then we optimize your local Internet presence to keep you in a first page position.
  • Report and Adjust – analytics help us understand the best keywords, the most visited pages, the bounce rates, length of visit, and most importantly the best conversion rates. We share this information with you to make intelligent decisions about your custom-tailored local marketing strategy.

Give Local City Marketing a call today so you can realize the benefits of having a properly optimized, high traffic website that will bring your company new business for years to come!