How Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Can Boost Your Business.mp4 Search Engine Optimization- SEO – is a well-planned series of activities done on each of your website pages and also on the internet off of your site. Done effectively, these steps will ensure that your website appears high in the search engine results of Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is important because most people search on the internet using a particular search term and they never look beyond the FIRST PAGE of results. Over 40% of them will click only on one of the top 3 results. When your website shows up high on page ONE for a variety of search terms related to your business, you are far more likely to receive visitors to your site or calls to your business. This gives you added opportunities to create new customers and increased revenue. Being on the first page above your competition also builds your reputation and credibility. On-Page Search Engine Optimization involves researching what terms and phrases people are using on the internet to find businesses like yours. Then these key terms are used to create relevant content on your website that will provide the searchers with the targeted information they were looking for. The faster you meet their expectations, the more likely they will contact you. Off-Page SEO involves posting relevant content to other places on the internet that links back to the various pages on your website. This means preparing things like Press Releases, Online Videos, Keyword specific articles and much more. These
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