Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Our conversion rate optimization services start from a baseline position then continually test and optimize to increase conversion rates. We test keywords, ads and landing page content. Landing pages are special pages created specifically to get website visitors to contact you or make a sale. We also have a service that coerces every website visitor to engage and provide information needed to for you to provide the best service.

Keyword Conversion Optimization

Our keyword conversion optimization service starts with a thousand keywords (give or take) and determines which ones convert the best. We usually end up with a handful of keywords that convert a lot and at a very high conversion rate compared to all other keywords tested. This allows us to move on to our targeted traffic services knowing which keywords to use from the search engines that drive the traffic that converts the best.

Ad Content Optimization

We take the visual content that makes the most sense, then split-test all of it to determine which actual content draws the eyes and converts the best. We then use this content on the website and throughout the rest of your marketing campaigns.

Landing Page Optimization

By testing a variety of content on a landing page we can increase conversions substantially. We have recently achieved conversion rates above 60%. This is unreal in the world of Internet marketing. Since you usually start out a marketing effort with conversions around 1% or 2%, conversion rates of 60% means that every dollar you spend is 30 – 60 times more effective.

Engagement Marketing for Guaranteed Conversions

Our guaranteed conversions service operates much like a typical pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign, except you pay for conversions instead of clicks. This is a pay for performance service. This simple service engages visitors into conversations and extracts intelligence from each conversation. It can be managed by geographical area so you can have a set number of conversions for a city or state based on budget. That is perfect for organizations like franchises who need to distribute franchise funds evenly across all franchises.

Case Study of Recent Customer Results from This Service

194          # New Revenue Opportunities created
$3,000   Typical Company Cost per sale
50%        Sales closing rate per lead provided (% provided by Customer)
$1,500   Value of lead provided to customer (value provided by Customer)
$291,000 Gross sales resulting from Engagement Marketing Service
5%          Percentage Cost Per Sale for Engagement Marketing Service

Optimized Content Rollout

After performing all of the above optimization services, the next logical step is to take advantage of all of the optimization by rolling out to other traffic networks that can deliver the traffic that converts the best for you. Here is what we’ve found at this point and what we’ll roll out:

  • Keywords that bring the most traffic and that convert the best
  • Text and banner ad content that draws attention and clicks at the highest rates
  • Landing page content that, when combined with the right traffic sources has proven to convert at conversion rates higher that anything in the industry

We are talking numbers like every dollar that you spend after this effort will be a hundred, even hundreds of times more effective after the optimization is complete. These are phenomenal numbers, but very realistic and we have done it before.

Contact us about it by filling out the simple form at the top of the pages of our site and we’ll explain in detail why this is true, and how we have done it may times before.