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Action Furnace – $400K of New Business in a Month

In September, 2013 we completed a one month run of our guaranteed conversions service with this premium customer. Each new sale for this customer has an average value of $3,000, and their sales close rate from the leads we provide is 70% making each lead worth $2,100.

Here are the results:
1. We acquired 200 new leads from our guaranteed conversion service with their same traffic for a total of 430 per month – almost doubling their monthly sales lead flow.
2. The 194 extra leads they got in September resulted in $407,400 worth of business at a total cost of $5,820.
3. The cost per conversion went down from $69 to $51. The $69 cost was directly from their Google Adwords PPC campaigns and included form completions and phone calls. This is a 26% reduction in cost per conversion.

This is a cost per lead service (also known as pay per performance) instead of a cost per click like Google Adwords advertising, and all traffic to the site that we’re sending to it now has the same reduced conversion costs.

In a recent pay-per-click campaign, Local City Marketing’s local internet marketing strategy won 52 conversions in a single day using pay-per-click advertising for this Canadian based HVAC company. 83% or 43 of these converted into appointments and subsequent sales. Most of these were for furnace replacements which is a purchase value of over $3000.

Peterson Company – Sales Inquiries Increased 300%

Local City Marketing was retained to re-brand and optimize this regional steel company’s website early in 2009 with a subsequent launch in May. The published website has over 80 pages of fully W3C compliant search engine optimized pages. The result is over 3,500 unique visitors and 12,000 page views per month. Direct inquiries to inside sales have increased 300%. Now that is local internet marketing in action!

Datacard – 129 #1 Organic SEO Rankings

Dynamic Card Solutions sells instant-issue debit and credit card printing technology. Local City Marketing oversaw a complete modernization of the company’s website including deployment of an SEO friendly Content Management System (CMS), a flash media home page that presents a targeted value proposition, and web content designed to convert banking and credit union buyers. Local City Marketing also created an engaging local internet marketing video for use at trade shows. Now that the site is complete and fully optimized for organic search, Local City Marketing is marketing the website both domestically and internationally. Local City Marketing’ Internet marketing and local internet marketing strategy has resulted in 129 #1 search engine rankings for their top keywords in addition to ranking above manufacturers products that they represent.

Internet Marketing- Fish Where the Fish Are!

Affiliate Marketing – 1+1=Hundreds

Leanin’ Tree Greeting Cards – > 6 Figure Affiliate Sales

Local City Marketing was the interactive agency of record for Leanin’ Tree, a successful niche greeting card company. Local City Marketing generated more than 6 figures for Leanin’ Tree annually for this national greeting card publisher. Our affiliate marketing service recruited and managed over 1300 internet marketers who sold Leanin’ Tree products on a commission basis. Affiliate-generated sales through this channel grew substantially and represented a major new revenue producer for Leanin’ Tree.

Actionable Local Landing Pages That Convert!

Local City Marketing creates landing pages that help generate you new business! Killer content that entices your prospect during that critical point in the buying cycle.

Local City Marketing was retained to work with executive management of Leanin’ Tree, a niche greeting card company. The result of our local internet marketing effort was a complete redesign of the company’s corporate website including the addition of new print on demand products and a website skinning capability enabling the company to generate market segment specific websites in addition to co-branding the website with other strategic partners.


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