Black Hat Technique To Increase Website Traffic

Article by Sujit

Keywords used: web traffic Search Engine Optimization increase web traffic top of Google search increase website traffic website traffic top of Google search increase site traffic web traffic ppc Optimization more traffic”What is a Black hat technique?”

It is used by bad people who want to win by cheating by diverting huge web traffic to their websites. Most of search engines like Google, yahoo doesn’t like it. Black hat Optimization is the practice of disingenuous and illegal techniques to increase web traffic to websites.

Even knowing that if u have keywords on a page then it will take your site at the top of Google ranks, black hatters will often change the color make keywords the same color as the background so that they can put an immense number on one page without people realizing or even knowing it. Google and other search engine don’t like this and penalize web developers who use this technique. This is a good way for them to increase website traffic to their site but it’s illegal.

Black hat involves techniques that are against the rules and regulations of to get website traffic to their site of search engines and it is very difficult to find. Despite the risk of banning, marketers still go for black hat technique to increase their websites page visibility and rank. These people just want their website on top of Google ranking.

People use this technique to increase site traffic to their web pages thus, spreading their business and industry even knowing the consequences that their webpage might be banned. But they use it in such way that it is quite difficult to find it. They just want profit use these techniques to get web site traffic.

It may happen that you use Keyword stuffing – keywords can be provided, among others, in Meta tags, comment tags, as invisible text to the human eyes to attract web traffic to your site. And if we over use the same keywords and entities throughout a web page then it will drive the web page up in the list. It helps a lot for those who are using ppc (pay-per-click) methods.

If you or your Optimization hired firm or company are using Black hat techniques, this can cause your website to be blacklisted. When Search Engines crawl the web and land on your website it can detect these methods and will penalize your page ranking if not completely ban you from the search results. Getting the Search Engine to register your website again is very time consuming and it might not even happen.

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Write has written how to increase website traffic. If you are interested to know more about how Search Engine Optimization,then log on to

Write has written how to increase website traffic. If you are interested to know more about how Search Engine Optimization,then log on to

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