7 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Web Traffic to Your Site Or Offer

Here are 7 surefire ways to increase web traffic to your site

“Internet – Business – Profit”. To fully make the most and to integrate those words into something meaningful you will have to add another essential word to the mix – “Traffic”.

Every article you will find from the people, who know about making your site or company successful, will always include the great importance of generating and increasing web Traffic to your site.

No Traffic = No Sales…period!

We all realize the importance, the very core of it all, is that traffic is the most essential thing to an internet based company, for that company to grow and be a success.

Sure you can have the best product in the world to sell; you may have the answer to endless energy supplies or indeed the best offer on the internet full stop, unless you can get traffic to that site it all counts for nothing.

So you have a great product to sell, a fantastic all singing website and no traffic, what next? You really need to learn a few secrets or two about generating traffic…

If you do already have a site up and running and not getting the sort of traffic numbers that you think you deserve then it is time to reconsider your options and what you need to do to increase web traffic. The Internet is a very competitive place where you need to stay ahead of the game to survive, you should always strive to stay ahead of your competition and increasing your traffic flow is the vital ingredient in your sites eventual success.

Timing is essential of course and similarly with generating traffic you should always be on your toes and endeavor to be ahead of your rivals, try to think not of what you can do today and tomorrow but what you should have done yesterday!

To help you out here are seven steadfast and sure ways to increase web traffic flow to your website:

1) Pay for Traffic – Invest in your business

We all know about Google AdWords who can send thousands of visitors to your site everyday as long as you keep paying them, but there are also Yahoo and MSN to consider and could perhaps be cheaper. With this method of increasing traffic to your site it obviously does cost you money and you will have to make sure your salespage sells or that you have enough incentive for people to opt-in to your ezine or newsletter.

While a lot of people, “entrepreneurs” will shy away from spending money on increasing web traffic to their site, it is imperative to do it, because AdWords and Overture are a top surefire way of getting the increase in traffic you need to evolve your online business.

You can see for yourself the companies that drive traffic to their sites by paid advertising methods, truly do benefit from its popularity and have reaped the rewards for that initial venture into paid means of increasing web traffic. Do not get left behind, every penny spent on advertising your site will see a reward for the future and the increase in web traffic virtually overnight can be an awesome sight.

2) Trade or Exchange Links with Other Sites in your Niche.

Another surefire way to get traffic to your site is exchanging links, banners etc. with other sites in your niche with both of you benefiting from that link exchange process to increase web traffic to your sites. You are both jointly working to increase the traffic flow to your sites which then will doubly beneficial and generate a bigger impact in the traffic that you draw, therefore jointly increasing your web traffic and both benefiting (hopefully) equally.

The more links that you trade the bigger will be the impact to increase the web traffic to your site.

3) Utilize the Viral Marketing media

The art of Virally attracting thousands of visitors to your website or offer is truly wondrous to see in action, viral marketing allows you to spread the word about yourself without the costs spiraling. Being ‘sneaky’ can work wonders by perhaps attaching your name to a funny video or maybe giving away an eBook with valuable information can send people virally to your site and increase your web traffic to incredible heights. With this method people get ‘infected’ with the buzz that you have created and will pass on your info ‘virally’ word of mouth or should we say download by download.

4) Keyword Optimization or the use of proper Keywords and phrases to match your sites content.

People search the search engines via ‘keywords’ to try and find what they want from the internet and your site had better be keyword optimized for your chosen niche topic for it to be any where near the top of the first page results. Take great care when writing content for your site to get the right context of keywords that people will be searching for to get that web traffic to your site. Make sure your site is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for your particular keyword needs and you will see a marked increase in attention form the search engines and an upward increase in web traffic to your site. If you do not have confidence in this then you can hire professionals to do this for you at reasonable cost and is worth every penny.

5) Write and Submit Articles to article Directories

Getting links directed to your site by emphasis on your chosen keywords and keyword phrases is key to getting ahead in the search engines rankings and therefore increasing web traffic to your site. There are numerous web article directories on the internet with page rank (PR) of 6 or more that are begging for your articles on your favorite subject (your niche) and when published can have a great keyword optimized linking phrase to your site with the ‘author Bio’ added to the bottom of these articles. It may sound daunting to write articles as you proclaim yourself as ‘not a writer’ but once you get the hang of writing short concise articles (maybe only needing 500 words) you can soon generate lots of useful links to your site or offer. Also consider the impact of sending out a press release as this too can create a buzz around your site or product, with the attached description of your site you can soon expect a big increase in web traffic to your site.

6) Social Media, forums and online communities.

Show off your expertise or at least join in with online communities such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc. to exponentially increase your sites awareness to thousands of people. You can capture people’s attention with a sentence, a gift, a comment on twitter can go viral very quickly indeed and when you get known and trusted, that is when you can see a big shift and an increase in web traffic to your site. If you let people know that you have what they need and want then you can fully expect to increase traffic to your site tenfold.

7) Get a List, Offer a Newsletter or eZine

This can be a catalyst to increasing web traffic to your site or offer with one ‘mailing’ you could have thousands of people to your site in one day. If you don’t already have a list then I would suggest that you start right now (yesterday;-) ) as this is one of the biggest and best ways to earn money online today. If you don’t have sufficient numbers of visitors to your site to sign up to a newsletter then pay for an add in someone else’s newsletter and use their traffic to increase yours.

Get an autoresponder account with Aweber or Getresponse if you can afford it (definitely worth it) or at least get a free account with Listwire and their fantastic FREE service! and you will benefit greatly from having a list of people who trust you to inform and educate them and so are able to point them in the right direction (through your affiliate links) to offers that may be of interest.

Eventually you will have a big list of your own, each eagerly awaiting your next newsletter or ezine and when you launch your offer you can fully expect to greatly increase the web traffic to your site within hours of you hitting the ‘send’ button.

So there you have seven surefire ways to get an increase of web traffic to your site or offer, there are lots more to consider too and I am sure the new offer from the Traffic Siphon Boys, George Brown and Andrew X with their newest most exciting and eagerly awaited product will lead you into the promised land of Traffic Heaven!

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