Local Marketing Experts to Expand Your Local Business

Are your customers within a few miles of your business? If so then you are a local company. This means you must reach those potential customers in unique ways – which we at Local City Marketing specialize in. We bring you leads and sales, and reduce costs with time!

At Local City Marketing:

25 years of success at local SEO marketing, bringing targeted and focused traffic to websites and conversion rate optimization experience says you can trust Local City Marketing to increase your online presence, branding, lead generation and sales.

Local City Marketing will get your small business on the 1st page of a local search! We’ll set you up on an ideal fixed-price monthly cost that meets your budget and allows your online presence to grow in quality and breadth.

Our Local Marketing consultants elevate your local online business presence to increase sales lead generation and expand your local business.

We provide services like managing online reviews, Google My Busiiness (GMB) optimization for lead generation, Google Maps, pay-per-click and multimedia advertising, social media marketing and conversion rate optimization.

Our proven techniques will increase your search engine rankings then elevate your brand and consumer ratings to increase Internet website traffic and maximize conversions. This ensures your message is loud and clear and your company is top-of-mind when your ideal prospects are ready to buy.

Contact the local marketing specialists at LocalCityMarketing.com today and take the first step in expanding your business and increasing your local reputation from a trusted industry leader.

How Do We Do It?

In the 25 years that we’ve been in business and providing technology and Internet-based marketing solutions we have discovered many strategies and tactics that increase online exposure and relevant website traffic. Once we get that exposure we focus on converting visitors into leads or sales. It’s called sales lead generation, and all businesses thrive on it.

When you combine services that bring traffic with those that convert it into sales or leads then you have a sustainable and scalable solution that stabilizes your company and allows it to grow at the pace you choose. It is not an SEO-only solution.